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The World’s Most Effective Full-Body Workout

In our gyms and yoga studies, we rarely move our limbs independently. We squat with both legs and row with both hands… and it causes imbalances that can easily turn into injuries.

An intriguing study in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that training one limb independently actually strengthens the other one.(1) It’s called unilateral exercise, and it holds huge potential for building lean, healthy bodies with minimal injury risk.

What if there was a way to train them independently at the same time… without a gym, and at any fitness level?

You’d get better results in half the time: better muscle tone, a tighter core, and fewer injuries along the way. But how can you do that?

OmniBall is a revolutionary set of rolling weights that, unlike traditional rollers or Swiss balls, forces your limbs to move independently, unlocking the power of unilateral strength training.

How it works is deviously simple. Just strap these 4-pound weights to your hands or feet and add a whole new dimension to any workout: yoga, core routines, and full-body workouts ALL benefit from the unilateral exercise promoted by OmniBall!

By following the simple routines included in the user guide – or adding it to your current routine – you’ll unilaterally train each limb, which means huge boosts to core strength, flexibility, and overall muscle tone.

At only 4 pounds apiece, Omniballs are dead simple to take on the road, which means you never have to miss a workout.  And you won’t want to once you feel the strength and confidence that come with bulletproof joints, full flexibility, and a tighter core.

Do you love yoga? Well, you can build lean muscle and improve tone by adding OmniBall to your yoga routine! It helps you roll into tougher floor positions and boosts strength and tone by adding weight.

That’s what makes OmniBall so versatile. Add it to any type of calisthenic movement and you’ve got a muscle-toning, resilience-building workout! For cardio, try the superset workouts recommended in the user guide!

Whatever your goals, OmniBall gets you there faster by tapping into the muscle-strengthening power of unilateral exercise.

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