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Sleep Effortlessly and Soothe Stress With 3 Proven Ingredients

When our sleep gets disrupted by jam-packed schedules, time zone changes, or just a little too much screen time, it can put our whole life on tilt.

Get back into balance with Calm, a gentle blend of mind-relaxing herbs and nutrients that have been tested to help you unwind and sleep without feeling sluggish the next morning.

A Perfect Day Starts With Better Sleep




Lower the weight of stress so you can unwind and enjoy your “me time.” Get your internal clock on track so you can fall asleep naturally. Get better-quality rest so every night replenishes your body and mind.

Only the Most Effective Ingredients

What you need, and nothing more – that’s the Nootrology philosophy. Calm follows that creed by giving you 3 ingredients that have all been shown in human clinical trials to boost sleep quality and/or relieve the effects of stress: melatonin, GABA, and Venetron®.

Calm’s Ingredients Have Been Shown To Improve Sleep and Mood

Sleep Like a Log, No Matter How Your Day Went

Screens, travel, and caffeine can disrupt our internal clocks. GABA and melatonin can help our bodies reset the clock and slip into nourishing, alpha-wave sleep. (1) (2) 

Don’t Just Mask Stress. Boost Your Mood Instead

Venetron® has been shown in clinical studies to support healthy levels of serotonin – the neurotransmitter most associated with better moods, stress resistance, and lowered anxiety. (3)

Be Your Calm and Collected Self

Ever just want to calm down and “be you?” Slow down the mental chatter with GABA and Venetron®, a combination shown in clinical tests to reduce the effects of anxiety and boost calmness when performing stressful tasks. (4)

Find Your Path to Balance and Confidence

People across the world are experiencing cognitive transformations all the time, but let’s be honest – they don’t happen overnight, and they don’t come in a pill.

Here’s what Calm CAN do: it can give you the edge to start rolling the boulder in the right direction.

It can help you sleep deeply and fully, so you awaken with a little more energy to make positive changes. And it can do that night after night, with no worries of dependence or resistance. Once you start that pattern, the little changes start to add up.

Before you know it, you’re ready to jump those hurdles, to go that step further, and you’re doing it all without worrying about the future or stressing on the past.

You’re present. You’re capable. And you’re calm.



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