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Chill Out With Aromatherapy, Wherever You Are

I never thought it would actually work.

I’ve suffered from work-related stress and anxiety for years now, and I thought I’d tried everything that could possibly help me to deal with it.

So when a friend recommended a pen that calms you down by diffusing essential oils I was skeptical…

But I’ve been using my Zenpen for 2 weeks now, and it has changed my life already!

Just a few breaths of the natural oils, and any stress or tension I’m feeling starts to disappear. And the best part? I can take it with me anywhere!

What is ZenPen?

The ZenPen is exactly like the essential oil diffuser people have in their living rooms, but you can take it anywhere!

It’s sleek and small enough (the size of a pen) to carry with you at all times in your handbag or pocket. So you can get the soothing benefits of oil diffusion at the first signs of stress. Be it:

  • Waiting in line at the supermarket.
  • Sitting in bumper-bumper traffic on the highway.  
  • Freaking out at the never-ending stream of assignments at work.
  • Any situation, anywhere you are!

And the ZenPen can help with far more than just stress! There are 7 different blends to enhance or change any mood you may be in.

Each one has a different blend of exotic, natural ingredients, such as Ylang-Ylang and Bergamot, which are clinically proven to help you achieve the desired state of mind:

Relax – Perfect for those overwhelming moments of stress.

Focus – Clear your mind and get things done!

Purify – Cleanses the body and can even help with digestion!

Energy – Awaken your body and mind! Early start anyone?

Smile – For those days when we just feel down.

Bedtime – Calm down, de-stress and drift off.

Sensual – The all-rounder. For full-body wellness.

So How Does It Work?

It’s so simple! It doesn’t even need plugging in or recharging!

Each ZenPen comes with a blend of essential oils (dependant on which you choose) already inside. When you breathe in using the pen, a small lithium battery will be activated. It gently heats the oils and turns them into a diffused, aromatic vapor.

Breathe the mist in through your mouth and exhale through your nose.

You’ll be feeling the desired effects almost instantly!

Each pen lasts between 200-250 puffs. Using it a few times per day, that equates to about 3 weeks worth. And you’ll know when your pen has run out, because the power button will stop blinking. Then, it’s a simple case of disposing the pen and moving onto the next one!

There’s even a subscription available to make sure you never run out.

Isn’t It Just A Fancy E-Cigarette?

Absolutely not!

E-cigarettes are designed for people trying to give up regular cigarettes. They still contain nicotine along with a whole host of harmful chemicals. Not good.

The ZenPen contains absolutely no nicotine or harmful chemicals!

All of the ingredients are completely natural and safe, and are organically grown in the United States. Many of them have even been noted in clinical trials for their positive effects!

Plus the ZenPen doesn’t require inhaling anything into your lungs. Simply breathe in through your mouth and exhale through your nose. That’s all it takes!

A lot of people actually use a ZenPen as a healthy alternative when trying to quit smoking.

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